Welcome to Fonseka Wood Work
The institution of Fonseka Wood Works and supplying of furniture is honoured to welcome you all. The supplying of wood works and furniture to the nation had been gained a faith since 2000 from all customers. I will assure that supplying of wood and furniture are in high quality and the standard of such suppliments. I will assure grant it without any delay and all so able to contact us and get done your model of furniture through our carpenters as you intended.

The all wood and furniture will be transported by me with a relevant permit to any part of the island.

Fonseka Wood Works, No. 28, Kalthota Road, Balangoda, Sri Lanka.

Telephone: 045-2288080 Mobile: 071-7893664

Email: info@fonsekawoodworks.com

Web: www.fonsekawoodworks.com